Friday, January 4, 2013

Not making New Years Resolutions

Hello from MSP! We are currently en route back "home" to the Middle East and enjoying some spotty airport wifi so please excuse the lack of pictures...what better time to start blogging again? Here goes nothing...

It’s that time of year again Nuggets, when the excitement and possibility that comes with a new year manifests into a 200% increase in membership at the gym. I’m sure you’ve noticed your Facebook newsfeeds becoming filled with public declarations to “cook more and eat out less,” “lose 20lbs by summer,” “run a half marathon,” “focus more on family” and all that jazz. Now I am not in any way saying that there is anything wrong with all of this (except the additional 20minute wait for an open treadmill for a few weeks, but seeing as I have not once encountered another soul at the gym in Saudi during the day this doesn’t really apply to me this year.) I actually love the promise that comes with a new year – it’s like when you get that brand new spiral notebook at the beginning of the semester full of crisp white pages just waiting for your neatly organized notes to be written with your color coordinated pens. But at the end of the semester you start to resent that notebook as you stare at the ratty torn pages at all hours of the night and you scribble in the margins and over your neatly written notes.

For me, the neatly written notes and carefully organized notebook never lasted long into the semester. No matter how grand my ambitions of a Martha approved study system or calendar, life inevitably got in the way. But isn’t life getting in the way sometimes a good thing? I suppose you’re wondering why on earth I am babbling on about notebooks at this point, my grand analogy may have gotten the better of me…eh. Point being that I have never once kept a New Years resolution, the closest I’ve ever come is giving up coffee for Lent in 2008 and not cheating once. I’ve made workout resolutions, studying resolutions, work related resolutions, and every single one hasn’t lasted longer than maybe March on a good year. I’ve promised to keep this blog up more times than I’ve actually written a post! This past year brought MANY ups and downs that I never would have imagined and definitely couldn’t have planned for and while I can’t say I loved every minute of it, I wouldn’t change any of it. So this year, I am only resolving to stop planning so much and enjoy the ride a little more. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get my act together and get some of 2013’s adventures up here for all three of you readers. So cheers from 30.000ft (no idea if that is anywhere near correct) to you big goal setters, I wish you all the best with your running, weight loss, cooking classes, new jobs, and anything else your hearts desire!

Happy New Year!

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